b. 1987, Canada
Currently living and working in Toronto, Canada

I fell in love with metalsmithing in summer of 2018, after a long history of creative expression in other mediums. In 2010, I graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design with a degree in Drawing and Painting. After traveling extensively, training as a midwife, and returning to Toronto, I was yearning to create again. I began experimenting with metal on a whim, after being inspired by the incredible Navajo jewelry I saw on a trip to the Utah desert, and have become a self-taught metalsmith. In November 2019 I traveled to Washington State to attend a workshop with renowned metalsmith Nicole Ringgold to expand my skill set.

Artist Statement

I create wearable art pieces for charismatic, bold, confident, earthy, impeccably imperfect souls. I am inspired by nature and all her organic forms, from the simple to the intricate. I appreciate the potential for the metal to collaborate with me in providing its own input while being melted and manipulated. Each precious metal, from sterling to fine silver, 18 carat to 24 carat gold, has its own character, preferences and abilities. Like old friends, we work together to build each piece. I take the approach that there are no failures, only happy accidents. By embracing those accidents, I find creative solutions that inspire my work. We unique and resilient humans are not perfect, let us allow the jewelry to be our reflection!

 - Lori Francescutti, IGNIS BOREALIS


Lori Alternative HeadshotLori in Rushes


Lori in Ringgold Studio