b. 1987, Canada
Currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada

Artist Statement

I fell in love with metalsmithing in summer of 2018, after a long history of creative expression in other mediums. In 2010, I graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design with a degree in Drawing and Painting. After traveling extensively, training as a midwife, and returning to Toronto a single mother, I was yearning to create again. I began experimenting with metal on a whim in my guest bedroom and have become a self- taught metalsmith. In November 2019 I traveled to Washington State to attend a metalsmithing workshop and expand my skill set.

I am inspired by nature and organic forms. I appreciate the potential for the metal to collaborate with me in providing it's own input while being melted and manipulated. I take the approach that there are no failures, only happy accidents. By harnessing those accidents, rather than scrapping a piece and starting from scratch, I find creative solutions that, in turn, inspire future work.