Inferno Statement Earrings Dendritic Agate + Fire Agate

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“The Inferno is not only a dreamlike space, but a place of symbols.”

- Dante's Divine Comedy

This pair is full of symbols and they tell quite a visual story. An incredible assemblage of fiery stones that includes from top to bottom: iron oxide in quartz, watermelon tourmaline, dendritic agate, fire agate. This subtly mismatched pair are truly individual works of art to adorn your body with. The stones are all lovingly set in patinated sterling and fine silver and this pair simply glows like the sun. These are shoulder dusters and have lots of playful movement from top to bottom. If you want to wear a conversation starter, these are for you!

Measure approximately 3.5" overall length including hook with a surprisingly comfortable, lightweight feel.

Materials: Quartz, tourmaline, dendritic agate, fire agate, .925 sterling silver, .999 fine silver

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